The Cycle Hub 



Mixed Group





Ladies Beginner




Look for the Cycle Hub crew

 Distance – 36km

From the Green Cycling Arches of the 1st carpark:  The ride is split into two groups, a beginners group going a distance of 36km and a more advanced group doing 60km.



Look for the Cycle Hub Lady

Easy paced ride

Distance: 20-25 km and optional 50km


 Saturday Mornings: 5:30 am 

Al Qudra Cycling Track:

Start: 1st carpark by the Green Cycling Arches.




Saturday Morning:  5:15 am ,tires rolling 5:30am

Al Qudra Cycling Track, next to Trek Bicycle Shop

Start: 2nd carpark


 Distance: 60 km






Saturday Mornings: 5:30 am 

Al Qudra Cycle Track 

Start -1st carpark by the Green Cycling Arches



all abilities



  Speed:  15-20 km/h

Monday Evenings: 6:30 pm .

Meet at The Cycle Hub


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