LIV is  completely dedicated to female cyclists and the only women-specific cycling brand in the region..


A great way to work on your bike handling and group riding skills is this hour clinic with Sara. A lovely sociable pace, suitable for those who haven’t been riding very long or just returning to the bike after a hiatus. Grab an hour with the girls to start your day off with some you-time!

Tuesday Mornings: 6:00 am -7:00 am

Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park 

Support Car: No



This is for the ladies that want to beat the heat and get a couple of hours on the bike before the day begins!

Join Susan for a 2 hour ride, that starts at the beginning of the Dubai Cycle Course- the start of the "stick". Meet at the first car park on Al Qudra Road, just after the bicycle arch. You'll be riding out towards the solar park and racing back to the wonderful showers to get ready for the day.

The aim is to be back at the showers by 0700. All riders need to be self-sufficient- please make sure you bring your own puncture repair equipment, including a hand pump and 2 bottles of water.


Monday Mornings: 5:00 am-7:00 am

Dubai Cycling Course Al Qudra

Support Car: No







Distance: 50 km

2 Groups will split

We will work with you to improve your group riding techniques and this is a no drop ride - no-one gets left behind. The pace will be that of the slowest rider, but we do aim to finish by 7:30 am.

These mighty girls are experienced riders and will generally average around 30-32 km/h.

Saturday Morning: 5:30 am

Dubai Cycling Course Al Qudra 2nd car park near the trek store













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