Wearing a helmet is absolutely necessary! 

Bicycles can be ridden on community area roads as long as the road speed does not exceed 60kph. If you are caught cycling on a road that has a speed limit in excess of 60kph you will find yourself facing  fines of up to Dh600 . For repeat offenders this fine will be doubled and you may have your bike impounded by the police.

There have also been numerous folk that have been pulled over by the police and fined due to obscured license plates from bikes and bike racks. So please be aware.

Not all parks allow bicycles so please check beforehand. Zaabeel park allows children's bicycles only.

Other violations – including Dhs300 for those not cycling in dedicated cycling lanes and those cycling in a manner which endangers theirs lives or others. A Dhs200 fine will be handed out to those cycling on walking or running tracks. Cyclists carrying a second person on their bike without it being equipped for that purpose will also be fined Dhs200.

Motorists caught driving or stopping their cars in dedicated bicycle lanes will be fined Dhs300.