Ladies Night every Tuesday hosted by TREK

Attention all women....I see a BARGAIN in your near future.

As you may all be aware, TREK is one of the main sponsors of the Women's Cycling League here in Dubai. They are committed to their goal to help encourage women to explore cycling as a hobby/sport. 

TREK already hosts free Summer Cycling Lessons for all those new to the sport. These are run every Monday at 6 am with TREK Tigress Sara Haaris. 

As a further show of their commitment to Women's Cycling , TREK will be hosting a Ladies night every Tuesday after 5 pm. Bike rentals for the ladies will cost just 10 dirhams. Starting May 31st, 2016.

 This is not a women's only night. Men are more than welcome to come along but not eligible for the discount.

Bargains are hard to resist!