Bespoke Ride - First Look

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in a preview session at Bespoke Ride. 

The studio is located in Al Quoz and is easy to find. 

My class was for 7:00 pm.

 Traffic is a little hairy in the evenings. I would recommend that you start out earlier if you are aiming for an evening ride.

The studio is incredibly spacious, the locker rooms are fantastic and well equipped with towels, hair dryers, shampoo etc

The indoor bikes are like no other and that is probably because they were specifically made for this studio. They look and feel like real road bikes.

You can change the gears manually but there is no need as all of the bikes are controlled by a computer. All rider data is displayed on the screens in front of the studio and give live data so you know exactly what you are putting out...or not.

If you have road cycling shoes bring them along. For those who do not have shoes, you need not worry. Shoes are available in various sizes for use in the studio.

This particular class was not easy, I am told there will be beginner classes in addition to other disciplines and levels. 

In my personal opinion, these classes offer excellent training for cyclists especially during the extremely hot summer months.  A training plan and studio like Bespoke Ride can really help improve your cycling performance.