Whats In Your Cycling Bag?!

By Aimee Davidson

Whats In Your Cycling Bag?!


Living, working and cycling in Dubai often means that you need to drive to get to where you want to cycle from. The most convenient way to make sure you don’t drive to your start location without your shoes for example is to keep a bag of essentials in your car.


So what SHOULD be in your bike bag:

-          Shoes

-          Helmet

-          Sunglasses & Sun screen

-          ICE (In case of emergency bracelet or similar)

-          A repair pack: tube, pump, tyre levers

-          Multitool

-          Foot pump


And then there are the DESIRABLES:

-          Packaged nutrition – Bars and Gels

-          Gas canisters

-          Sealant

-          Spare tubes – with a valve long enough for your wheels! Or in addition, valve extenders

-          Arm & Knee warmers & Gillet

-          Spare tshirts, shorts and a chapeau

-          Chamois cream

-          Spare batteries for your HR monitor / Power meter / Lights

-          Spare gloves and socks

-          Shoe freshener

-          Clear glasses

-          Safety pins (for pinning race numbers on in an emergency!)

-          Tissues / Wet Wipes


And if you do happen to break into your emergency socks, don’t forget to replenish them with a fresh pair when you get home!