Do I need a Coach?

By Aimee Davidson


After three years of riding, participating in a few events and stepping up to ride with the big boys, I found I wasn’t progressing up to the strength and speed that I wanted. I was always last in on the mountain rides and no matter how many times I went and rode those mountains, it was not getting any easier and I was not getting any faster.

I tried faster, smaller groups without much success. I spoke to a lot of people about coaching and different coaches. Then came the debate of should I look to be coached on heart rate or power? What are my goals, what do I want to achieve? Whats the going rate for a cycling coach?! So many questions!

I did my research and chose to start with a coach who would be happy to coach on heart rate as I didn’t know if I would enjoy cycling on my own and forking out for a power meter may just be a waste of money. I trained with a coach recommended to be by a close friend. I took a chance with this guy but everyone has to start somewhere and he seemed to be quite flexible, just what I needed with my changeable work schedule – and was happy to touch base with me via a Skype call once a week to discuss my training pre and post. For 4 months I trained with heart rate. I really enjoyed it and saw some great results. Then after a lot of research and deliberation, I bit the bullet and got a power meter – another topic in itself that will in time be covered!

It’s a lot of hard work along side a full time job. Lots of early mornings. Your body does adjust to the early mornings once you get in a routine.

Rates for a coach vary from person to person and the package required but range from 400-1500AED per month. Many coaches will ask you to commit to a 3 month period to start off as quite often, it takes around 6 weeks until you start seeing results from the hard work you put in.