Wahoo KICKR update and the new KICKR Snap

By Amber Mirza

We have all heard the amazing things about the Wahoo KICKR and while it is not yet available for the UAE market it is well on it's way. 

I Spoke to the folks at Wahoo Fitness in Atlanta, GA and here is what they have told me. "The KICKR is not yet certified in the UAE.  We need to go through the proper certification processes before we can legally sell the product in country.  Also, we are in final talks with a few fully established cycling distributors. I will select one of these candidates as our official importer in UAE".

So for those of you that are waiting, hold tight. This product will reach the market soon. No dates yet.

In the meanwhile let's have a look at the latest product from Wahoo Fitness.

The Wahoo SNAP vs. The KICKR

The Snap has all the features of the Wahoo KICKR but with differences which are listed below.

The SNAP weighs in at 38 lbs.  9 lbs lighter than the KICKR.

The Flywheel weighs 10.5 lbs, the KICKR 12.5 lbs.

The watts top out at 1100 on the Snap and 1550 on the KICKR.

The SNAP does not require the removal of the bike's back wheel. It simply snaps right on.

Unlike the KICKR, it does not support third party power meters. The SNAP measures speed,distance and power. Cadence is measured through an external sensor.

The SNAP will is available from Wahoo Fitness. It is priced at 849.99 usd. 

The KICKR is 1099.99 usd, but you can now buy it for 950.00 usd. Refurbished.

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Have a look at this video from Wahoo Fitness on the new SNAP.