Retül Bike Fit- Is it worth it? A side note on Bespoke Ride

I had a bike fit last year, so why am I getting another one?

Being an instructor I am well aware of my pedal stroke and bio-mechanics on a bike. Even though I had an initial bike fit when I bought my road bike it wasn't as thorough and there are a few issues that plagued my mind.

While I'm relatively comfortable on my bike, I do have a few issues that I feel can be addressed by a more in depth review and bike fit analysis.

With these thoughts in mind I called up an old friend and certified Retül bike fitter and owner of Bespoke Ride  Vitor Carvalho.

Upon arriving  my bike was promptly fitted to the Retül rotating platform.

Using  a handheld digitizer the contours, curves and fixed points of my bike were all measured providing a complete digital map of the bike.

Next was a physical assessment to assess my movement patterns, flexibility and address any issues or concerns relating to my performance on my bike.

After the physical assessment I was asked to put on my cycling shoes and mount my bike. LED markers were strategically placed on eight anatomical points: the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel, and toe. These were placed on both sides of the body allowing the computer to collect information for a left sided bike fit and a right sided bike fit. Taking a bike fit for both sides of the body was important as I learned my right and left were not the same.

As I started to pedal the Retül's sensor bar gathered real-time, three-dimensional data of my pedal strokes and movements and knee alignment. This was amazing to see in real time. I can be quite maniacal teaching pedal stroke drills in a class setting, but seeing my own pedal stroke technique was interesting and I learned a few things about myself along the way. It's not always the bike that needs adjustment, sometimes its YOU.

I get these hot spots in my shoes on longer rides. My peers attributed these hot spots of pressure to dehydration.  After assessing myself after many outdoor rides I know that dehydration isn't always the case. The culprit turns out is a simpler issue. Misaligned cleats. Using the Retül system, we were able to make the correct adjustments, I felt an immediate difference on a short test ride. I'll update this story again once I have gone on a longer ride. But for now the difference was very apparent.

My shoulders always felt slightly under pressure, the pressure more pronounced the longer I was riding. Turns out that my seat needs to be pushed forward, the problem is that it's already maxed out. It can't possibly be pushed forward which means I need new seat post that allows my saddle to come forward a little more. With my new seat post installed, my shoulders will be pressure free. 

All these adjustments will make me an efficient comfortable rider:)

Vitor is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable guy. I highly recommend seeing him for a Bike Fit. 

A Retül bike fit will cost 1000 AED , in my mind comfort is king and a good bike fit is money well spent. 

Vitor has offered a special discount of 800 AED for groups. You need to be a group of 6 people to book in with him to avail this price.

For 1500 AED you can have 2 Retül bike fits, so maybe a road bike and a mountain bike.

Contact Vitor:


Bespoke Ride is a new studio that is slated to open at the end of August.  I love the concept of indoor training on a bike that looks like a real outdoor bike. Bike shoes will be available with a booked class. Expect each class to run for approximately for 1 hour and to cost 100 AED. You will also be able to buy class packages (an FTP test will be included). Big screens will be up and running with your data for viewing.

Here's a sneak peak at the beautiful prototype indoor bike. 

The Zin, Retül's handheld digitizer

Saddle issues being banished